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Hillary or Obama? março 3, 2008

Posted by eduardotrindade in Jornalismo Participativo.
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art_obama_ohio_afp_gi.jpgThe future of the american elections for president has an important act tomorrow. The 4th of March primaries could give us a clue whether New York Sen. Hillary Clinton will keep on going for the Democrats nomination or not.

In fact, I truly believe if Illinois Sen. Barack Obama wins Texas and Ohio tomorrow she’ll be out of the run. It’ll, then, be game over for Clinton. Whereas, if she gets both States, she’ll grow stronger and give us hints that the Democrats won’t choose their nominee until late summer in the Democratic National Convention.

While predictions for the Democrats candidate are not easy to make, in the Republicans side, McCain is possibly getting the mathematical nomination this Tuesday. Anyway, even if he doesn’t, he’s already considered their candidate for the presidential election.



1. eduardotrindade - março 9, 2008

Nice post Pedro.

2. eduardotrindade - março 9, 2008

Hi Pancho, I’m glad you liked the class. The WEB 2.0 is really fascinating. And as for the USA Presidential Elections, I agree with you. Hillary probably will get more votes in the National Convention, but I think Obama will get enough votes before that.

3. Pancho - março 8, 2008

Hey man, nice class today I enjoyed it a lot, and i hope that you’re gonna come back next semester for a better and longer class.

And about the elections I guess that if Barack does not win before the National convention he is lost because i thought that Hillary is stronguer with the higher parts of the party.

4. pedrolenhard - março 8, 2008

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