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Racism sucks!!! março 27, 2008

Posted by eduardotrindade in Jornalismo Participativo.
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It’s amazing how low and stupid people can be by showing off their racism as proudly as they could. It came to me as a surprise that, yet stupid, loads of people are still fond of this kind of prejudice and all the ridiculous stuff it brings along.

The blog called Stuff White People Like is such a strong example. And it’s not only because it’s about white people. It could be about any race or skin color. This is simply tottally old-fashioned and, most of all, non-sense. Now you’re telling me, for example, Obama’s likes and dislikes compared to McCain ones are different just because they have different colors. Come on!!

Promoting differences like that is as cruel as the slavery itself. This stupid blog does exactly that. It promotes an awful virtual apartheid. Something completely unbearable in any educated twenty-first century society. What amazes me most is the huge audience those bums have with a blog like that. For example, I just discovered their blog because they have been the Hawt Post quite a lot of times.

Racism is something so mean and non-sense that it makes me wonder what in the world could make those bastards think that people could enjoy different stuff just because of the color of their skin!!! Wake up dudes!!! It’s not a matter of being white, black, yellow, or whatever!!! It’s a matter of cultural background, for Christ’s sake.

And I can tell you one thing for sure: Culture, in the broad sense of the word, is something the guys from this racist blog don’t have a clue what it is.



1. Pancho - março 27, 2008

Fuck off that little bastard!
I thought that rasism were just a kind of joke. uashaushuahsu

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