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The magnificent London Eye agosto 20, 2008

Posted by eduardotrindade in Jornalismo Participativo.
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One of the most interesting things about London, IMHO, is the mix of old and new altogether. For example in the picture, I’m delighted with both the new (LONDON EYE) and the old (LONDON’s landscape and buildings), in this case the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben.

During the 40 minutes of “flight” in the British Airways attraction, called The London Eye, we manage to see London from a different and new perspective. All the main touristic atractions (maybe an exception is the Tower Bridge that’s isn’t quite visible from the Giant Wheel) can be seen and the pictures you manage to get from there are something else.

One of the only things that might bother when you get there is the fact that you can only manage to get on quickly if you pay almost the double of the fare in order to get on what they call the fast track. Otherwise you can get stuck in a line for about two hours before getting the chance to see all the landscapes from the London Eye. And that’s certainly something you’re not looking for when on a vacation trip.

Anyway, if you’re going to London, that’s something you shouldn’t miss, so don’t complain about buying the fast track course. The 25 pounds are completely worth it.



1. CitWeelaLearl - dezembro 11, 2009

Amazing .. kinda stunning issue. I will write about it likewise.

2. isabela, fernanda, leticia e paula - setembro 21, 2008

odieeeiii!!!! nao me adiantou NAAADDAAA

obs.: e esse cara tem cara quadrada e dois queixos!!!!

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