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Stay hungry, stay foolish! dezembro 2, 2008

Posted by eduardotrindade in Free Non-Sense Material.
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I’ve recently gotten a link to a 14-minute video and thought: Another one…

After watching it though, I can tell you I was completely wrong. Steve Jobs‘ speech was amazing. Most of all because of the simplicity in it. One of the most impressive things about the story, is that the whole idea of Pixar Animation Studios came after he was fired from a company he was one of the founders: Apple.

At the time he was fired, he says he thought everything was going down, because everything he had worked on during his whole adult life had gone and he was already 30 years old. He decided he would go for his passion and do what he loved and that’s how he gotten over his deception. He stayed HUNGRY and FOOLISH, as he said, and above all, went for what he really loved doing.

And it’s not hard to realize that this was the main reason for his astonishing success now he’s around 50. That’s an amazing short story that help us think about what we’re doing with our lives and jobs. Maybe you’re going the right way, maybe not. But that’s something YOU have to figure out by yourself and, most of all, find love in what you do. Just like Steve Jobs did.



1. eneias magalhaes - dezembro 10, 2008

That’s it my friend!!
I also got amazed with this video, that made me think about my life and my dids so far.
Putting ourselves and our real priorities in life in first place we never lose our passion and joy!
Stay hungry, stay foolish!!! Listen to your heart!!

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