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Man United is the 2008 World Champion dezembro 21, 2008

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Despite the difficulties imposed by the south-american LDU, Manchester United won the final match in Yokohama, by 1 – 0, and is the 2008 Champion of the World. Rooney was the name of the goal scored at 28 min, second half.

What is interesting about this match is that, even with all the best international players, and all the money football can get, things were not as easy to Man Utd as one could imagine before the match starts. In fact LDU had some chances to win, and Manchester even had one man down, in the beginning of second half, when Vidic got himself a red card.

Of course, you might think: Ok, but today the expected had happened! I’d reply by saying that 1-0 is far from being what we expected in a match between Manchester United and LDU. What is expected in a situation like that is something similar to what Milan did last year with Boca Jrs in the same Championship. And that didn’t happen today.

Well, IMHO, this proves football is something you play inside the field. It doesn’t matter how rich you are and how big stars are your players. What really matters is what happens in those 90 minutes inside the green pitch, and that, my friends, is always an open-ended question. It was proven today, as it was back in 2006 when an unknown Internacional won the big hit Barcelona in the same final match in Yokohama. Shit sometimes happens, we never know when.



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